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Brandon Padier is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from San Antonio, Texas.

For Brandon, the song always comes first. Luckily, his deep knowledge and love of the great songwriters of the 20th century have helped him hone his craft and create a sound that is comfortably reminiscent, yet completely original. Padier started out as a sideman multi-instrumentalist, and soon after joined the band and musical collective Adopted Kids as a guitarist, singer, co-producer and arranger. After playing with acts such as Matt Wertz, Penny and Sparrow and Lonely Horse, as well as co-producing and arranging Adopted’s first and only full length record, Padier set his sights on performing as a solo artist. Out of his home studio, Padier performed and recorded all of the instruments for both of his full length albums (Rock & Roll Heart of Gold & Brothers of the Flood respectively). On his most recent record, the sprawling Brothers of the Flood, his accumulated knowledge of production, performance and songwriting shows and shines. This is one rising artist you will want to keep your eyes, and ears on.

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