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About CityMusic

The Platform Where Musicians, Venues and Fans Meet

Artists need reputable places where they can perform. Venue owners need affordable talent to bring in a crowd. And music lovers are ready to support local performers and businesses. CityMusic brings everyone together on one convenient platform. We open the door for venues, artists, and fans to connect on the local level and support each other. This is the future of the grassroots entertainment industry.
Music Enthusiasts

Finding Curated Shows Near You is Just a Few Clicks Away!

Need plans for your next night out on the town? Ready to follow your favorite local band (or discover a brand-new one to fall in love with)? On the hunt for an undiscovered venue with live music to become your next go-to hangout? CityMusic brings the best local talent, venues, and shows right to your fingertips so you’re always in the know. Stop searching for events on Google—we make it easy to discover new favorite bands, restaurants, artists, and bars. Sign up with CityMusic and start finding these gems right in your hometown.
Are You an Artist?

CityMusic Helps You Gain Exposure and Grow Your Local Crowd!

Marketing shows is difficult and time-consuming… but it doesn’t have to be! CityMusic takes the stress off your shoulders by giving you a platform to showcase your upcoming event schedule, partner with new venues, promote your brand on a local level, attract more fans to your shows, and more. Stop wasting so much time marketing and spend that time doing what you love— creating music and performing for fans! As a bonus, CityMusic makes it easy to accept tips with our virtual Tip Jar when fans sign up for your events. Making money while doing what you love has never been easier!
Do you run a venue?

CityMusic Helps You Expand the Audience in the Next Event You Host!

Nothing draws a crowd quite like an A+ lineup of bands and artists. But finding and securing that kind of local talent takes work, and we know your time is much better spent managing your business! CityMusic breaks down those barriers so venues have easy access to a list of artists ready to book events. Simply sign up as a venue, let us know what kind of talent you’re looking for, and collect info from musicians who fit your vibe. We also help you take care of the marketing so it’s easy to promote the upcoming shows you’re hosting! We’re all about helping business owners and artists grow together in a mutually beneficial partnership.

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