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A no-stress, easy way to get more people out! Sign up to CityMusic, add a venue you’re playing at, and share the days and times you’re playing. Get promoted in your local area, and attract more fans to your shows. Bonus: you can even collect tips using our Tip Jar from fans signing up for your events!
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If you’re a restaurant or venue owner and want to fill your place with the best artists, and attract music lovers, CityMusic offers the simplest, easiest way to do that. Sign up as a venue, let musicians know your place is available for them, and easily collect info as musicians sign up – all in one place, through CityMusic!
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Look no further – CityMusic is your one-stop destination for previewing artists that are playing in the area, and finding venue hot spots currently hosting live music events! Sign up to view who’s playing in the area and get notifications when your favorite artist makes an appearance at a venue near you.